Patient-Specific Outcome Predictor


Patient-Specific Outcome Predictor

Predict+ Patient-Specific Outcome Predictor

Patient-Specific Outcome Predictor

Leverage predictive analytics and patient data from thousands of cases to predict success.

Predict+® is a data-driven, clinical decision support tool that uses machine learning to provide predictions of individual patient outcomes after shoulder replacement surgery.

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Interested in the science behind Predict+ predictive analytics?

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How does Predict+ benefit surgeons and patients?


Review papers on Predict+ algorithm development and testing.


Learn how Predict+ uses machine learning to predict individual patient outcomes.

Can Machine Learning Help Predict Patient Outcomes After TSA?

See how the power of machine learning and the Predict+ clinical decision support tool can help with managing patient expectations for total shoulder replacement.

Using Predict+® in Your Practice

Howard Routman, DO, and Ryan Simovitch, MD, explain the Predict+ workflow in their offices and how they use it in conversations with their patients.

For access to Predict+®, download the Planning App.

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This screen is a representational graphic for illustration purposes and not an actual picture of PREDICT+®. Predict+® is developed by Blue Ortho, a subsidiary of Exactech, and distributed by Exactech, Inc.