OpteMx® : Synthetic Bone Graft

The Optimal Matrix

OpteMx® : Synthetic Bone Graft

The CURE for your concerns about bone graft performance.


OpteMx ® : Synthetic Bone Graft

OpteMx® is an engineered biomaterial that chemically and structurally mimics cancellous bone.

More than 20 years of clinical experience demonstrates its ability to convert to host bone.

Available in a Variety of Forms

OpteMx offers a high performance, low cost option for bone restoration.

Features and Benefits

  • Osteoconductive

    OpteMx provides a scaffold for new bone growth.

  • Resorbable

    HA is known to resorb very slowly in comparison to TCP, which resorbs quickly. The rate of resorption is optimized using biphasic HA-TCP.

  • Porous

    Human cancellous bone is 60-80% porous and comprised of interconnected macropores and micropores. OpteMx is 70% porous. Its interconnected micropores enhance fluid wicking through capillary action while macropores allow deep invasion of bone cells into the matrix.

  • Proven

    More than 20 years of clinical experience demonstrates host bone formation.

  • Versatile

    OpteMx is available in various sizes and shapes for a wide variety of applications.

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